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Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc. Introducing the PDAT Predation Detection Acoustic Tag to detect whether or not a fish has been eaten by a predator DETAILS

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** Using Acoustic Tags for Tracking Fish
Acoustic Tag Short Course
5-6 February 2015
Seattle, WA USA

** Using Hydroacoustics for Fisheries Assessment
12-13 February 2015
Seattle, WA USA

WA-BC WA Annual Conf.
16-19 February 2015
Richmond, BC CANADA

Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference
16-19 February 2015
Houston, TX USA

Cal-Neva AFS Conf.
8-10 April 2015
Santa Cruz, CA USA

Understanding the Importance of Frequency in Sound Underwater   Acoustic Tag Audibility & Predation

Researchers have been studying the hearing response of marine mammals for a long time. More recently it has been observed that some seals seem to use acoustic tag signals to assist in their hunt for food. Fisheries scientists and researchers using acoustic tags to detect and track fish have learned that different tag signal frequencies may be audible to predators. This may create increased predation concerns, thus referenced as the "Dinner Bell Effect".

However, not all acoustic tags are audible by seals as not all acoustic tags operate at the same frequency. For HTI Acoustic Tags, this is a non-issue, operating at 307 kHz, they are not within the auditory range of seals. Learn how HTI conducts survival estimation for migrating species and addresses predation dynamics in Publications.

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