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Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc. 2-Day Short Courses: Using Acoustic Tags to Track Fish & Using Hydroacoustic Echo Sounders for Fisheries Assessment DETAILS

Fisheries Acoustics Quarterly Fall 2016


Using Acoustic Tags to Track Fish
2 Day Short Course
2-3 Feb. 2017
Online & Seattle, WA USA

Using Hydroacoustics for Fisheries Assessment
2 Day Short Course
9-10 Feb. 2017
Online & Seattle, WA USA

AFS WA-BC Chapter
Annual General Meeting

10-13 April 2017
Spokane, WA USA

AFS Cal-Neva Annual Conference
5-7 April 2017
Eureka, CA USA

HTI Biennial Hydroacoustic

TBA June 2017


Collaboration to Take Research Further

The leaders of acoustic telemetry are now collaborators as HTI has been acquired by Vemco. Soon-to-be "HTI-Vemco USA, Inc.", we will still be located in Seattle. We will continue to support and develop HTI acoustic tag and hydroacoustic equipment.

Our team will also continue to provide consulting services for acoustic tag and hydroacoustic studies. We look forward to merging our technologies and taking fisheries research further together.

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Use Acoustic Tag Systems
(Acoustic Telemetry) to:
  Use Hydroacoustic
Echo Sounders to:

+ Monitor Fish Survival & Passage

+ Detect Presence/Absence
+ Track Fish Behavior in 2D & 3D
+ Detect Predation Events with PDAT
+ Conduct Fish Counts (Enumeration)
+ Detect P
+ Quantify Fish Entrainment

+ Monitor Spatial & Temporal Distribution

We can help you:
see fish behavior monitor fish survival
see fish behavior detect or count fish
see fish behavior see tutorials & techniques
see fish behavior find a publication
see fish behavior get support
see fish behavior get a recommendation
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