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Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc. Feasibility Test: Detecting Fish Presence Using Acoustic Tags at Electrical Barriers DETAILS

Fisheries Acoustics Quarterly Winter 2015


[ ** = HTI in Attendance]

** ICES Symposium Marine EcoSystem Acoustics
25-28 May 2015

2015 Salmon Recovery Conference
27-29 May 2015
Vancouver, WA USA

Fish Passage 2015
22-24 June 2015

International Fish Telemetry Conference
13-17 July 2015
Halifax CANADA

** AFS Annual Meeting
12-21 August 2015
Portland, OR USA

ICES Annual Conference
21-25 Sept. 2015
Copenhagen DENMARK

Poster Rewind: Cal-Neva AFS Santa Cruz   Science from the
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

Earlier in April at the California-Nevada Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (Cal-Neva AFS), scientist Laura Rudolph presented a top-notch poster demonstrating linkages between introduced and native species in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, as well as the bond between these species and the researchers that strive to learn more about these complex water systems.

If you couldn’t make it to Santa Cruz for the conference or had too much fun at the poster social to get all the details, view it online now.

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Use Acoustic Tag Systems
(Acoustic Telemetry) to:
  Use Hydroacoustic
Echo Sounders to:

+ Monitor Fish Survival & Passage

+ Detect Presence/Absence
+ Track Fish Behavior in 2D & 3D
+ Monitor Predator & Prey Behavior
+ Conduct Fish Counts (Enumeration)
+ Detect P
+ Quantify Fish Entrainment

+ Monitor Spatial & Temporal Distribution
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