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ICBF In'tl Congress on the Biology of Fish
3-7 August 2014
Edinburgh SCOTLAND

144th Annual AFS Mtg
17-21 August 2014
Quebec City Quebec CANADA

Oceans 14 MTS/IEEE
14-19 September 2014

Canadian Dam Assoc. Annual Conference
4-9 October 2014
Banff, Alberta CANADA

PowerGen Brasil
HydroVision Brazil

21-23 October 2014
Sao Paulo BRAZIL

Delta Science Conference
28-30 October 2014
Sacramento, CA USA

New Hydroacoustic Workshop Resources   Now Available Online:
Presentations from the 2014
Biennial Hydroacoustic Mobile Survey Workshop

If you missed the workshop or would like to review content once more, we have a new resource sharing the informal workshop content now available online.

While you're there, you may want to join the LinkedIn Group created for Hydroacoustics for Fisheries Research to keep up on future workshops, resources, and research.

Lastly, a big thank you to Wyoming Game & Fish Dept., University of Wyoming NPS Research Center and all the attendees that made this year's workshop happen.
Use Acoustic Tag Systems
(Acoustic Telemetry) to:

  Use Hydroacoustic
Echo Sounders to:
Monitor Fish Survival & Passage

Detect Presence/Absence

Track Fish Behavior in 2D & 3D

Monitor Predator & Prey Behavior
  Conduct Fish Counts (Enumeration)

Detect P

Quantify Fish Entrainment

Monitor Spatial & Temporal Distribution
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