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@ # ? Social Media + Science: Reshaping the Dissemination of Science Communication

Conference: American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, August 16-20, 2015, Portland, OR
Authors: Caroline Mercado and Colleen Sullivan
Contact: support @ HTIsonar.com



Presenter: Caroline Mercado, Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc., Seattle, WA

Why are ResearchGate, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook considered critical science communication tools? How do they make a difference for the sciences, individual scientists, organizations, institutions, businesses, as well as the public at large? We’ve just begun to recognize the value of public science communication and how it can catapult our work in the sciences beyond what we thought possible. Whether connecting with the science community, linking up with future collaborators, mentoring peers, or shedding light on complex topics to educate and engage the public– social media has reshaped the dissemination of science communication. This poster speaks to what we’ve learned so far and what we could collectively accomplish using social media as a communication tool for science.

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