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What's Available, New and Next in Acoustic Tag Technology for Fisheries Research

Conference: American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, August 16-20, 2015, Portland, OR
Authors: Kevin Kumagai, Samuel Johnston, and Tracey Steig
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Presenter: Tracey Steig for Kevin Kumagai, Hydroacoustic Technology, Inc., Seattle, WA

From fish detection to tracking fine-scale fish behavior to tracking predation events, for nearly 20 years, HTI has continued to evolve acoustic tag tracking technology. Created by fisheries scientists that use the technology to conduct fisheries research, acoustic telemetry continues to advance the growing research questions from scientists. New hardware development have made multiple frequency detection possible utilizing a single, multiple channel receivers. Finally, battery technology has enabled advancements in autonomous data loggers as well as increased acoustic tag lives. This talk will present existing technology, new technology, and future advancements in acoustic tag tracking technologies. Advances in acoustic tag technology include predation detection tags, different frequency tags, and smaller tags. In addition, software development has contributed to the advancement of 2D and 3D tracking of acoustic tags for evaluations of fish behavior.

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For additional resources for tracking fish presence/absence, survival, passage, and behavior using acoustic telemetry, visit HTI Publications and Acoustic Telemetry or Echo Sounder info, or connect with fisheries scientists for daily updates via the social channels below.

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