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Detect Fish Predation Events with Acoustic Tags

How do we know whether or not an acoustically-tagged fish has been eaten by a predator? This is a question of great importance in many aquatic systems and is what led HTI to develop a new technology that goes beyond protocols for determining predatory-like movement and definitively answers that vital question.

Since 1997, HTI's acoustic telemetry technology has become a widespread, proven tool for monitoring fish behavior and survival. Numerous species around the world have been tracked via fine-scale 2D and 3D. The unique system can simultaneouly detect, identify, and track hundreds of fish, with signals immune to tag collision and data loss. Since then, new questions emerged and drove the development of HTI's Predation Detection Acoustic Tag.

Patented in 2015, HTI is pleased to announce the next advance in acoustic telemetry, the PDAT Predation Detection Acoustic Tag.
Predation Detection Acoustic Tag
    Key Features of Acoustic Tags  
Detects when a tagged fish has been consumed. Presentation: Predator/Prey Interaction, From Observed Behavior to Direct Measure 2014
Small tag size High-resolution 3D positioning (fish tracks) over time.
Small tag size Monitor tagged fish in real-time or in post-processing.
Small tag size
Track hundreds of fish in the same area at once.
Individual tag ID
Access data remotely from anywhere in the world.
Individual tag ID Acoustic / PIT Tag combination available.
Tag animations Individual tag ID's with over 500,000 unique codes.
Tag animations Signals are immune to tag collisions.
Learn more about Predator/Prey Interaction
and the development of the
Predation Detection Acoustic Tag (PDAT).
Frequency kHz Source

Approx. Life*

    Acoustic Tag Series in air grams in fresh-
3 sec 
10 sec 
  * 900-PB  PDAT 10.0 23.0 0.50 307 152 0.80 0.30 60 d 110 d
  * 900-PD  PDAT 10.0 25.0 0.56 307 152 0.96 0.40 100 d 180 d
  *Estimated.  Life can be extended by decreasing Pulse Width (PW) and/or increasing Pulse Rate Interval (PRI).  Tags operate at 307 kHz or 80 kHz. Length, diameter,& weight may vary +/- 10%. Life quoted is based on operating parameters of 1 msec pulse width, single pulse, at 10°C. Future developments may include the feasibility of making any HTI acoustic tag into a PDAT tag, which are available at various sizes and ranges in battery life. Acoustic / PIT Tag combinations are available for all HTI Acoustic Tags.
  Additional predation evaluation presentations and posters can be found on the Publications page.
The Predation Detection Acoustic Tag (PDAT) received United States Patent in 2015.
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