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The Compact Model 395 Acoustic Tag Data Logger Side View   > 395-Series Acoustic Tag Data Logger Model 395 Micro Data Logger Spec Sheet

The 395-Series Data Logger is HTI’s smallest, most compact data logger for acoustic telemetry (tag) studies. It provides a simple cost-effective means of recording the time-stamped presence of fish tagged with HTI Acoustic Tags. It requires an external, unpowered hydrophone. Whether you choose an omni-directional or directional hydrophone, fish detection range is up to 1 kilometer (3,280 ft). Tags are detected and identified simultaneously, and are immune to data collisions and false positives.

Use it as a stand-alone unit or in HTI’s briefcase-sized, field-ready, portable case - the 395 Data Logger conducts off-the-boat mobile studies or from-the-shore studies. The maximum hydrophone cable length for the Model 395 is 229 m (750 ft). With additional units, researchers can track acoustic tags in 2D or 3D.

At a power consumption of 2.5 watts, the unit can operate to ~18 hours on a single rechargeable battery. Add an external 12 VDC battery and battery life is extended to ~50 days. An AC adapter is included and solar power is an option.

To store acoustic telemetry data, the 395 Data Logger includes a 2 GB flash drive, has Wi-Fi/Cell modem communication options. With that, your telemetry data can be accessed via flash drive, via remote communication option, or directly connect your laptop and immediate view a real-time display of data via HTI’s newest software application exclusively for mobile studies, MobileTag.

The Compact Model 395 Acoustic Tag Data Logger Top View
Did you know multiple units can achieve 2D and 3D tracking?   Key Features
Learn how.Smaller than a briefcase.
bullet Fixed Application Capable with a Maximum Cable Length
of 229 m (750 ft)
bullet Ideal for Mobile Acoustic Tag Surveys with GPS Sync Capabilities
bullet Tag Detection Ranges up to 1 km (3,280 ft) in Freshwater
bullet Additional Data Loggers Permit 2D & 3D Tracking – See How
bullet Store Telemetry Data in 2 GB Flash Drive or Optional Access via WiFi Connection/Cell Modem
bullet Low Power Consumption (2.5 watts) with Solar Power Options
bullet Simultaneously Detects & Identifies Tagged Fish
Smaller than a briefcase.      
MobileTag Software for Mobile Acoustic Telemetry Studies   > Simplified Mobile Software for Mobile Studies

The Model 395 Data Logger uses MobileTag Software designed for mobile surveys to detect presence/absence while simultaneously identifying tagged fish and their location in one simple application. The application can be used with all HTI Acoustic Tag Data Loggers.

Learn more about MobileTag Software here.

    Screen Save Tracking a Boat during a Mobile Telemetry Study
MobileTag Software illustrating acoustic tag detection and the GPS coordinates of the boats travels along a river.
Types of Data Loggers:

> Autonomous Logger

> Buoy-Based Data Logger
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