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      Seamlessly Double Range & Resolution of
Your Echo Sounders with the FM Slide

One of the most misunderstood features in hydroacoustic echo sounders for fisheries research and one of the easiest to use, the FM Slide signal (sometimes called Chirp), provides a seamless way to vastly improve detection range and spatial resolution.  Developed by the US Navy, HTI offers the only fisheries research echo sounders that employ FM Slide signals.  Other fisheries systems employ continuous wave (CW) or "tone burst" pulse signals.  CW signals require a trade-off of spatial target resolution which determines the maximum useful range.

With an FM Slide signals ranges are extended by nearly 2.6 times that of conventional systems.  The significant processing gain (~17 dB) simultaneously maximizes both spatial resolution and range. To learn more about how it works from an expert hydroacoustician/senior fisheries biologist, check out Pat Nealson's presentation below.

FM Slide Significantly Improves  

   Detection Ranges
   Spatial Resolutions
   Presence/Absence Detection
   Fish Counts
   Quantifying Fish Entrainment
   In Both Freshwater & Marine Environments

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