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  Acoustic Tag Data Loggers - Image courtesy: FISHBIO
> 300-Series Acoustic Tag Data Logger
With new architecture, new capabilities, and significantly reduced power consumption, HTI's 300-Series Data Logger is an efficient tool for both fixed and mobile acoustic tag surveys. Sturdy, small and compact, the 300-Series assesses fisheries presence/absence in one simple application.

The 2.4 kg (5.2 lb) logger connects with an I/O Box with internal storage and WiFi Communication options. It can also be equipped with an optional internal Ethernet gateway for wireless access for remote locations.  WiFi or cell modem options provide embedded security features for ensuring data is secure for authorized access only. Access and view your fisheries acoustic tag data via network-ready Communication Device as shown top left. Additional options include solar power.
Key Features
Compact, light, portable, battery-powered. Ideal for Both Fixed & Mobile Acoustic Tag Surveys with
GPS Sync Capabilities
Acoustic tag detection ranges up to 1 km (3,280 ft). Simultaneously Detects & Identifies Tagged Fish
Individual tag identification, with up to 100,000 unique codes. Easily Store Data with Option to Access Data via WiFi
Connection or Cell Modem
Encoded signal for 11 dB increase in signal strength, improving position and resolution. Significantly Longer Battery Life
(By 8x compared to Model 295 Data Loggers.)
New Model 300 Micro Acoustic Tag Data Logger
  Model 300 Data Logger
Biologists conducting real-time mobile tracking. Image Courtesy: FISHBIO
Biologists conducting mobile acoustic tag survey to
track real-time fish presence. Image: FISHBIO


Types of Data Loggers:

> Mobile Data Logger

> Autonomous Logger

> Buoy-Based Data Logger

Mobile/Fixed 395-Series

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