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  Portable Split-Beam Echo Sounder
Portable Split-Beam Echo Sounder

> Model 241 Portable Split-Beam Echo Sounder


The Model 241 Portable Split-Beam System is a portable version of the Model 244 Digital Split-beam Echo Sounder. It was designed specifically for hydroacoustic fisheries and plankton evaluations. The Model 241 Echo Sounder provides most of the primary functions of the Model 244 Echo Sounder in a lighter, more compact package that uses less power (runs by 12 VDC).

Combining powerful digital signal processing hardware with a Windows 7 and Windows 8-based user interface, the Model 241 Echo Sounder can produce results in real-time, with several
data display and storage options. With the addition of the
Model 540 Split-Beam Transducer(s) and a laptop computer,
the Model 241 Echo Sounder is the most advanced, reasonably priced, portable hydroacoustic echo sounder available for fisheries and plankton evaluations.


Model 241 Portable Split-Beam Echo Sounder Spec Sheet


Samples up to 2 transducers in one frequency (e.g.
120 kHz, 200 kHz, or 420 kHz).

High resolution: up to 1400 range strata as small as 10 cm, summary data available as frequently as every 6 sec, and ping rate up to 50 pings/sec.
FM slide/chirp signals provide up to a 15 dB gain in signal-to-noise ratio, reducing bias and variability in resulting fish target strength & biomass estimates.
Records the complete, unthresholded digital samples.
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Split-beam, River Application
  Split-beam, Lake Application   Split-beam Sampling  
Multi-Frequency Screen
Deployment Example Concept of Typical Riverine Deployment
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Benefits of FM Slide for Echo Sounders
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